Wolf Gourmet Cookware – Review and Giveaway!

Did you know Wolf Gourmet has a line of cookware? I didn’t until about a month ago. I had a beautiful set of cookware and was happily cooking, not even thinking there was something out there that would rock my world. Then Wolf Gourmet came along and asked me to review their cookware.IMG_6164Working with this set, I was amazed at the experience of cooking. I’m a food and lifestyle blogger and I am the first one to tell you that the experience starts with quality ingredients and that, my friend, extends to the utensils we use. Everything about the experience should make us happy – from shopping, to preparing, to cooking, then eating. It’s all wrapped up into one and The Wolf Gourmet Cookware has really improved my experience.IMG_6011First of all, the set is gorgeous. Bright and shiny stainless steel, with tight fitting lids – that is so important – and ergonomic handles that make this set so pleasant to use.IMG_6100As Steve and I incorporated this set into our kitchen, we were having such fun planning what to cook with it. We were charged with putting this set through the paces and that we did.IMG_6207First we tried out the skillets, Steve is a breakfast guy and this was one of the first adventures. Brunch is a big thing at our house and the skillets revolutionized the task of bacon and eggs. This sold him…he is one happy camper. I almost have to sneak in to sauté foods; he is so protective of his skillets!IMG_6178After that we branched out to Pesce all’Acqua Pazza in the 3.5” skillet, the 6 quart round dutch oven is wonderful for entertaining at a dinner party. It is the perfect thing to prepare a casserole or one dish dinner like beef bourguignon, coq au vin, etc. and carry it directly to the table.IMG_6105The saucier and 3 quart saucepan are both amazing for the sauces, vegetables, rice grains, and heating soup.IMG_6012Steve did sear one of his steaks and the heat was a bit high. Once I arrived to save the skillet, I cleaned it up and it was a bit discolored but works beautifully. The lesson he learned with this is to follow the manufacturers directions – they warn to not overheat.IMG_5989Now for the best part – The GIVEAWAY! The folks at WoIf Gourmet are giving one piece of the set as a giveaway. I have a hard time choosing a favorite but when pressed my two heroes of the kitchen are ties at the 3.5 Quart Sauté Pan with a Lid or the 6 Quart Round Dutch Oven with a Lid.IMG_5991What is your favorite piece out of the cookware set? You have a chance to one your favorite by heading over to Instagram, like the post, give @monicastable a follow, and tell me what your favorite of the set is for a chance to win that piece!  Click here for the Instagram post and here for the terms and conditions of the giveaway.IMG_6141Needless to say this set is firmly incorporated into our kitchen and our lives. I’m so grateful to Wolf Gourmet for asking me to review this set. I can’t imagine my kitchen without it. It hangs on the rack by the stove and is the most used of all my extensive sets of cookware. Wolf has a way of doing that, don’t they? In my experience, Wolf is a brand that once you try their products you never go back. Like they say in one of my favorite videos – It’s time to Reclaim the Kitchen.IMG_6002To find out for yourself go to Bloomingdales. You won’t regret it! Note – Shipping is free and they will deliver this to you door.IMG_6215Now for the best part – The GIVEAWAY! What is your favorite piece out of the cookware set? You have a chance to one your favorite by heading over to Instagram, like the post, give @monicastable a follow, and tell me what your favorite of the set is for a chance to win that piece!IMG_6096Now of all let’s talk about what is included with the set:

Descriptions are from the Wolf Gourmet Website

10-Piece Set includes:

3.5 quart sauté pan with lid
You can sear, sauté, roast and serve. It goes from stovetop to oven to tabletop easily, thanks to the helper handle. It makes a handsome serving dish and is perfect for casseroles, stir frys, roasts, etc. This will cook anything….

11.5 inch skillet
Like the sauté pan, this is my go-to to sear, sauté, and I use it to flip foods easily. I’m so impressed with the flared sides, and the helper handle that allows me to go easily from the stovetop to the oven. Frittatas and omelets are a big part of my life and this pan is the one for that.

8.5 inch skillet
This is our individual omelet pan. It has replaced all of Steve’s Teflon coated non stick kind. He loves it and it shows. We’ve got a bit of discoloration where he heated it too high to sear a steak but it keeps on going.

6 quart round Dutch oven with lid
This is my Baby. I can make casseroles, roasts, and stews pretty much everything in this. Wolf is brilliant for switching this into the set in place of the 8 qt stock pot.

3 quart saucepan with lid
This is my go to for rice, grains, hard boiled eggs and all kinds of custard, fudge, etc.

2 quart saucier with lid
Steve is a sauce guy, I can’t tell you how much he loves this….

*Please note: lids are counted as individual piece.

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IMG_6073I am so grateful for Wolf to have provided me with this cookware to review and one to giveaway. I have given this product a true test in my kitchen and all findings and opinions are solely my own.

As always, I am most grateful for you, my readers and will always do my best to serve you in reviewing the products that you will find the most useful, amazing, helpful that will keep you sane in the kitchen, at home and on the streets.


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