Ways to Keep Your Wine Cool In The Summer Sun

We are officially into summer!  We passed a few milestones last week, Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice. Giving us one of our many excuses to celebrate!

Here in Maryland we have started the hot and humid summer, causing many to flock to the beaches, escape on vacation, etc.  Most of us are looking for ways to stay cool.  One of the simple things that caught my eye was the Wine Pearls I found in the Food52 store by SPARQ Home, a Denver, CO based company. (This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a percentage of profits if the item is purchased off the Food52 website. ALL opinions about this product are my own.)

Wine pearls…what a great idea to help us cool off in this muggy outside weather!

pearls food 52

Photos above by Mark Weinberg

In the dog days of summer we do tend to prefer a light, crisp white wine.  It’s served cool, balancing out the al fresco dining style I tend to adopt with the warmer temperatures.  I cringe when I see someone throw ice into a glass of wine.  It’s one thing to mix up a spritz or  a  pitcher of sangria, but ice and wine don’t mix in my book.  I ordered 2 sets of the wine pearls but, sadly, not in time for the weekend, so I improvised.


Steve received a set of whiskey rocks for a gift a while back and we dutifully stored them in the freezer. Sadly, they they sat, unused.  This was genius!  They added a nice rustic touch and worked their magic.


Sure, they are not quite as elegant as the the silver wine pearls, but they served us well. I’m looking forward to the arrival of the wine pearls.  I think they’ll lend a nice touch, don’t you?



Have you ever used whiskey or wine pearls to stay cool? I’d love to know what your favorite  summer wine is. Share below!




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