The Parade of Lights

Here we are in the holiday season. The festivities, the lights, the action is non-stop. Most of us have gotten caught up in all of this, reacting instead of reflecting. Then something happens to make us stand up and take notice.


We were on the go Saturday, then suddenly we were stopped in our tracks. While preparing for the Parade of Lights all channels lit up with the news that the Annapolis Yacht Club caught fire. This is a landmark in our small picturesque city, centrally located in a crossroads you can’t help but recognize it (or pass it) from any direction that you choose to come & go.


As they struggled to control the fire, traffic was shut down. There was no way to traverse the city, even on foot. We watched helplessly as the building was destroyed. Of course, the parade was cancelled but that brings us to the meaning of Christmas. I am very grateful no one was hurt, I am also grateful it was not a place someone called home. It would be tragic to loose your home and all of the possessions or even a life to this. I am amazed that with all of the destruction and trauma that our responders were so calm, respectful and reassuring.


Even though the parade was cancelled but some of the boats went rogue and meandered about the water, taking care to avoid the remains of the yacht club. Amidst the tragedy, loss of jobs, the affect on the economy, etc I am very grateful for the reminder of what Christmas truly is. It’s that bright spot out there that makes us smile, it’s the everyday kindnesses and the chance to look upon tragedy as growth.


I have no doubt the yacht club will rebuild. It will be bigger and better than ever before. Good things will come and like the boats that sailed out on Saturday night with their decorations, they showed us that there is sparkle and joy just beyond the embers.




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