The Next #FoodNetworkStar

This weekend I had such an adventure in the casting call for The FoodNetworkStar, Season 12. Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it?

I had such fun with the application process, happily telling them about my home life, assuring them I’ve never had a restraining order slapped on me, and much more.  It was pretty comprehensive.  I wrote all about my food perspective, how I’ve been positioning myself, introduced them to this blog, the YouTube Channel, my vision for the future, etc.


On Sunday morning we headed out with a backpack loaded with my essentials (Hey, you never know when you’ll need that curling iron), a resume and a variety of headshots. We pulled into the hotel around 9:00, I signed in and found a seat.


Steve joined me as I sat and waited with the others, chatting a bit, directing the newcomers to the  sign in sheet, then asked to snap a few pictures for the blog.  At first it was pretty quiet, I sat and admired the outfits, etc.  One of the guys in front had on great socks. The crowd was a bit nervous but after a bit they loosened up. Most of us had no clue what we were in for. According to the note at the door, this could be a long day.


When 10:00 rolled around, names were called at a rapid pace. After about 20 minutes of so I was escorted back to a table for an interview (What, no video?). We had a very pleasant chat and I gave my spiel: I’m all about the “Art of Gathering,” on a mission to elevate our experiences around the table and see the network and I in a great partnership.   The chat was so pleasant, I didn’t want to leave but she ushered me out with a polite don’t call us, we’ll call you.


The next thing I know, I meet Steve in the lobby and we’re headed to the car. It’s only 11:00, what now? He’s ready to celebrate so we make or way to Brassiere Beck for brunch.

I’m so grateful for this experience. I had such fun with the application, the casting, and the people – all of it! Now, when is that call coming?




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