The Front Porch

Ever since I was a little girl I coveted an amazing front porch. I would point a chubby finger to every one I saw & say, “I want to live there!” All through my childhood and adolescence, my parents didn’t listen. We lived in a suburban 1960’s brick home with no outdoor living spaces, not even outdoor furniture or an overhang! If we wanted to sit outside we used folding chairs. Maybe that’s why I studied Landscape Architecture as my chosen profession, to design my own outdoor spaces.IMG_0076In my first home, the front porch was out of my price range. I settled for a modest home with a small patio that was affectionately called the verandah. Sadly, I can’t find any old photographs to show you so close your eyes and picture an 8’ x 25’ concrete patio surrounded by a wrought iron railing. I filled the space with colorful plants in terra cotta planters and the mature Oak Trees gave us a sense of enclosure.  The space was complimented with small French doors that connected the house to the verandah and would open wide when the weather allowed, connecting the inside with the outdoors. I purchased a round wrought iron table and rocking chairs to match. With the cold weather I lost my favorite room of the house.IMG_0090One of my dearest friends has a marvelous front porch. We dine out there in the summer, at a long table with bench seats.   She installed her grandmother’s rocking chairs out there and planted her garden around it. Mary is my role model for the front porch design.IMG_0253When I moved in with Steve I finally got my wish, complete with the porch swing! One of my first orders of business was to give the porch the love it deserved.  I found the perfect outdoor rug, wrought iron coffee table, rocking chairs, ferns and designed the garden in front of it. The porch makes a perfect evening lounging spot.  It’s a great place to sit in the mornings and reflect.  There is nothing better than starting the day with coffee, the newspaper with someone you love.Copy of IMG_3168Historically, the front porch’s served as the gathering spot for the neighborhood. Sadly now most of them are for show but being a throwback from another era, I hope to change that by using mine to the best of my ability!



The front Porch


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