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Last week on Table Talk we discussed the “Art of Gathering” and what that means to you. It was amazing to hear your answers. For the most part, it is something we took for granted in our youth but it seems more difficult now. One of my friends said it best: It’s like my birthday comes and I get over a hundred birthday wishes on Facebook, a bunch of texts, calls from my family, and a cake at work. That’s great and makes me feel so good but then I go home for the evening and realize that everything is on the phone not in real life.

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This is what Monica’s table is about. Let’s navigate how to bring back that personal connection in this digital age. It’s going to be different but let’s use the tools we have to make it work. How do we do that? We create a community.


My communities consist of friends and family, many of them have come out of my hobbies, work or some way we have a common bond. Think about it, what are yours? I play tennis, to do this my friends and I have a regular time that we meet up to play, the same with my yoga classes, our book club. These are good examples of our community and how we interact with each other. Steve & I have a dining club that meets once a month and the members have evolved into our closest friends. This is want the “Art of Gathering” is all about.



At Monica’s Table my dream is to form community where we share our passion for entertaining and gathering. This is where we trade ideas, find out what works and what doesn’t. In talking about this we learn from each other and how to cope with gathering in this digital age, our time constraints and any other excuse you can think of.


Gathering is a natural thing, even in the prehistoric days. Gathering together ensured safety, survival, warmth and much more. Why is it any different in today’s world? Think about it…


Going back to the birthday analogy. Things are always better when we have someone to share it with. Think of your greatest memories are you alone? I don’t think so. These memories are cherished because we share them with friends, family and those we love. Why not make it happen more often? We are adapting to a new era of doing things. Maybe we have to plan a weekend to see a loved one, why not have an adventure?


When I’m feeling down there is no better medicine than talking it out with someone I love and trust.


These bonds happen organically but we maintain them and nurture them. We are born into our family unit and then we make friends in the neighborhood, at school, etc. They grow as we do but we decide how to develop them.   Think about this, how do you want this to look for you?



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