Summer is Flying By: Let’s Make The Most Of It! #TableTalk

Summer is flying by! Do you believe August is next week? What are you doing to enjoy what’s left of the summer?

We have a few suggestions:

  • Fire up the Grill!  National Hamburger Day is coming up.  Use that as an excuse to have a picnic.
  • Gather your friends together and have a pizza making party in the back yard.  Throw a pizza stone on the grill and go for it!
  • Julia Childs Birthday is in August.  Throw an outdoor party to celebrate.

These are just some of the ways we’ve decided to make August the best of Summer.  How do you plan to celebrate?  Go below and tell us in the comments.

Table Talk is Back!

Another way to celebrate summer is to bring back Table Talk.  I’ve taken a break from doing the Table Talk Videos.  It’s turned into almost a year – do you believe that?  The community has been asking about them so here I am!

It was such fun to film again – I’ve found I’ve missed it.  Is there anything you would like to talk about and get out on the table?  I’m polling the community for questions, topics and what you would like to discuss so go below in the comments, send me an email ( or let me know via Social Media.  We feel so much better when we gather with friends, family and those we love so let’s start doing more of it!

Summer is Flying By!

Today I’m talking about summer and how it’s flying by.  Next week August will be here and there are only 4 more weekends until Memorial Day closes the summer season.

I know – Summer doesn’t officially end until September 21st but here in the United States  summer unofficially starts with Memorial Day and closes on Labor Day.  I think we get that notion from our school break but it is nice to begin and end with holidays, isn’t it?

Check out my Blooper

Steve photo bombed me when I was filming. It really startled me but I have to admit, it is funny.  He is so pleased with himself!  We thought you might enjoy a peek.




  • We’ve done a much better job of enjoying the outdoors and family time this summer. I’m not looking forward to Labor Day and the end of the season, though our fall is shaping up to be fun, too. 🙂

    GO HUBBY! Fun video.

  • Brandy says:

    I cannot believe that summer is going by so quickly. Here in NH it has been wonky weather wise. We get a couple days of warm sunshine that reminds us it is summer season then rain for couple of days. It’s so hard to figure out plans when Mother Nature cannot get the season right 😉 Looking forward to more videos from you and I love the bloopers, they are usually the best moments 🙂

  • Cynthia says:

    I love the video with Steve scaring you! Too Funny! We have some classes scheduled and will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen canning and freezing produce. I love summer, but it can be pretty busy!

  • There are so many food holidays. I had never heard of National Hamburger Day, but I sure do love a good grilled burger!

  • Steve says:

    Love the bloopers

  • Crystal says:

    We’ve really slowed things down this summer, and I’m so glad we did. I’d love to make pizza outdoors. The kids would think that’s so fun!

  • Elena says:

    I cannot wait to be over. Many of you would find this strange but I do not like summer at all. I always have headaches from the hot weather.

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