Spring Fever

Can you believe March is here already?   I’m getting spring fever!  This week it was beautiful, 60 degrees and sunny. That’s pretty amazing, the first week of March is when we usually have our worst storms but we’re not out of the woods yet, the weather forecast calls for snow on Friday.  No matter, the weather was glorious so I went outside and pictured what I want the yard to look like in the spring.

Our backyard is like an addition onto the house.  we use the outdoor kitchen and dining area in the spring, summer and fall.  After Thanksgiving we have to close it down for the winter.   Now is the time to plan how it will look, do you need a new table set or a grill?  Start to plan, dream and visualize.  What do you want your outdoor space to look like this year?


I’m already paging through the seed catalog and tomorrow I’ll place my order. It’s hard to imagine doing this in so soon but the seeds need to be started in March to be ready to plant in the beginning of May.  I’m anxious to get the yard into shape.  In May it will look something like this:


Next month the ground will begin to warm the Asparagus will peek through the soil and yard will come alive.  I’m looking forward to that, right now it’s looking a bit stark:


I think about all of the good things we plant in the spring. The seeds need to be started soon or I will miss my window.  In the summer my garden is filled with the Heirloom vegetables, things like Swiss Chard, Summer Squashes and Sun Gold Tomatoes. That means I have to think ahead and plan what I will plant and where.  May will be here before we know it so now is the time to start!

Sink & Table







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