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Spring Fever

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FacebookTwitterDiggPinterestYummlyStumbleUponemailPrintCan you believe March is here already?   I’m getting spring fever!  This week it was beautiful, 60 degrees and sunny. That’s pretty amazing, the first week of March is when we usually have our worst storms but we’re not out of the woods yet, the weather forecast calls for snow on Friday….

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Roman Oxtail Stew (Coda alla Vaccinara)

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FacebookTwitterDiggPinterestYummlyStumbleUponemailPrintWhen I arrive in Rome every fall Roman Oxtail Stew or Coda alla Vaccinara is one of the dishes that I must have.  The food of Rome is different than what our perception of Italian food is in the US.  The people of Rome historically survived on the parts of the…

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