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Shrimp Avgolemono with Spinach

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FacebookTwitterDiggPinterestYummlyStumbleUponemailPrintI was so excited by the theme of this Weeks Sunday Supper and my Shrimp Avgolemono. I live in a neighborhood that is populated by Greek immigrants.  They have put their stamp of approval on this recipe.  I do hope they are really like it, they’re old school, coming from the…

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Snow Day!

By | Blog, Dinner Parties, Gather, Soup | 18 Comments

FacebookTwitterDiggPinterestYummlyStumbleUponemailPrintI love the snow! Ever since I was a child it was so exciting to have a free day where school was cancelled and we could go out on an adventure. We would sled ride, make snow forts, and play until we were forced inside because we couldn’t feel our…

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Tomato Soup – The Ultimate Comfort Food

By | Blog, Soup | 4 Comments

FacebookTwitterDiggPinterestYummlyStumbleUponemailPrintThere seems to be a common thread in the comfort foods of our childhood.  One of my cold weather favorites is Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. I grew up on that stuff, in fact our whole neighborhood did. I have such fond memories of snowy days, sled riding down…

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Roasted Tomato Soup

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FacebookTwitterDiggPinterestYummlyStumbleUponemailPrintI bet if you mention tomato soup to any of your peers they will break out in a smile.  I take this to friends that are sick or just need to cheer up.  It really can perk up the worst of colds or make heartbreaks bearable for a few moments….

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