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Italian Tomato and Bread Soup

By | 1st Course, Blog, Recipes | 6 Comments

FacebookTwitterDiggPinterestYummlyStumbleUponemailPrintThis Tomato and Bread Soup is one of the highlights of summer.  It is my version of comfort food. Hot broth ladled over tomatoes, cheese and crusty bread and topped with a poached egg…How can you go wrong?  I found this a long time ago in an old Food and Wine…

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A Simple Summer Dinner

By | Blog, Gather, Girlfriends | 12 Comments

FacebookTwitterDiggPinterestYummlyStumbleUponemailPrintI love having fresh produce!  After a cold spring, my garden was a off to a sluggish start but now it is amazing!  We now have sweet, fresh and plentiful tomatoes along with zucchini, eggplant and peppers. The tomatillos that volunteered are starting to burst into action.  Finally! Life is…

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Avocado-Tomatillo Soup with Lime

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FacebookTwitterDiggPinterestYummlyStumbleUponemailPrintAdapted from From Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone Serves 4-6 Every summer I have an abundance of tomatillos and this is one of my favorite ways to showcase them.  This chilled soup has a lot going on, the heat of the chilis, tang of the tomatillos, then blended with the…

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