Planning the Spring Garden

Spring…it’s wonderful, isn’t it? I so look forward to the warmth of spring after braving winters chill. Spring brings back the use of our patio and garden. Steve and I love the outdoors and in the warmer months, our backyard tends to be exactly where you can find us.

After a cold winter indoors, I am always excited about the coming of spring. When the weather turns cold and we have to move inside, it’s like we’ve lost our favorite room of the house. Now that our favorite room is back in business, it’s time to redecorate!

If you haven’t started already, now is the perfect time to start designing your own outdoor space to make sure you’re ready for warm weather entertaining.

Image of a relaxing backyard garden.

Here are my best tips:

Think about your overall vision for your outdoor space.

I always start with a clear vision. Over the years, we have worked systematically with a plan to document this vision. We have assigned a project every year and this has resulted in a space that everyone loves to hang out in.

Consult a landscape designer for an overall long-term plan.

We talked to some local garden designers and they prepared a plan. This plan was staged over three years to provide everything we wanted in the yard. Our goals were:

  • An outdoor kitchen
  • A patio area where we could configure seating to adapt to any size party
  • Planting areas
  • Connecting walks and grass

Set the patio areas first.

The first year, we built the patio with seat walls where we could entertain a crowd. The seat walls allowed for groups to interact, provided a place to sit and functioned as a border for the outdoor kitchen and eating areas.

Since then, we have decorated our patio with two symmetrical tables shaded with Tuscan orange umbrellas. These umbrellas are huge and rectangular so they provide shade for the patio. Matching cushions for the seats complete the look.

Next, focus on your planting areas.

Have the planting areas delineated, prepped and planted with a base of perennials for an effortless burst of color. We planted wisteria on the fence for privacy, while the knock out roses form a screen, provide a pop of red and make the planting beds look finished. Perennials form the foundation of the planting beds.

Accentuate with colorful annuals.

Annuals provide the color accent. I have hibiscus trees and shrubs in planters all over my yard. They provide color, as well as foliage to finish off the look. Think of how a necklace accentuates an outfit. This is what annuals do for your yard.

So whether you’re looking to create an inviting space for outdoor entertaining or your own personal garden sanctuary, now is the perfect time to start planning for a beautiful spring and summer.

I can already see myself sitting on the patio with my morning coffee. How wonderful!

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  • Cynthia says:

    Monica, your garden area is so pretty. I love to dig in the dirt and agree with all of your points. Gardening can be hard work but the benefits are so wonderful. I will have to visit and drink coffee with you!

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