Labor Day Picnic

Do you believe Labor Day is here already? Where did the summer go? I’m not sure either but I plan to send it out with a bang! This year we are celebrating Labor Day with a twist on the traditional American picnic fare.

When I entertain my priority is to spend time with my guests. That’s why it’s important for me to do as much prep ahead of time as possible. The menu is designed so the Veggies/Salads can be made earlier in the day, the stuffed Zucchini is thrown in the oven to warm just as we are put the ribs on the grill to heat with the BBQ Sauce. Everything comes together in a flash. We set up a buffet table and the guests help themselves.

It’s easy, casual and, in my book, the perfect way to entertain.


The menu is simple:

Fresh Figs with Gorgonzola

Baby Back Ribs with BBQ Sauce

Cabbage and Feta Salad with a Mediterranean Vinaigrette

Zucchini Stuffed with a Quinoa Salad

Heirloom Tomatoes topped with a Mediterranean Feta Salsa

Peach Willy with Vanilla Ice Cream

My local Whole Foods is where I go to shop. I’m so lucky to live 2 miles from the store. They have the best meat counter in the State, carry local produce and products, plus so much more. This week they have the Ribs on sale – YAY! To make things easier I found a BBQ Sauce that was made locally. It was truly amazing (and so much easier than making my own).

I was so lucky to find the fresh figs in the produce department. In my opinion there is nothing better than a simple platter of fresh figs with either Gorgonzola or a soft goat cheese to start the meal. The Mediterranean Feta Salsa came pre-made from the Cheese Department; I spotted it looking for the cheese to serve with the figs. It’s amazing over local Heirloom Tomatoes.

The Peach Willy calls prepared biscuit mix but feel free to substitute frozen puff pastry or a prepared pie crust.  I used whole foods frozen pie crust and it was wonderful.  It will be good with whatever you use, trust me.

This was a truly special cookout and the best part? I was outside enjoying our guests not stuck in the kitchen!

I am grateful for the Annapolis Whole Foods who provided all of the amazing products for the creation of this post. I’m a devoted Whole Foods shopper but any opinions or findings you read here are solely my own.
As always, I am most grateful for you, my community and will always do my best to serve you in introducing products that you will find the most useful, amazing, helpful, to keep you sane in the kitchen, at home and on the streets.


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