I’m Bewitched by Marc Mondavi’s “The Divining Rod” Wine

Fall is in the air and with that brings two of my favorite things – Halloween and Red Wine. Thankfully, I found a new favorite – Marc Mondavi’s venture – The Divining Rod Wines.


Marc is known is the Water Witch in the wine making world. They tell me he really does use the divining rods but whatever he does, I’m a believer. I guess it’s no coincidence that I dress up as a Witch for Halloween…


The other night I roasted a leg of lamb for dinner. It was a beautiful fall evening so we sat at the table outside. The Divining Rod Divine Red paired perfectly with the lamb.


One of Steve’s favorite foods is a steak (thick cut Rib Eye – thank you very much) and we enjoyed another bottle of the Cabernet Sauvignon.


Last night we roasted a chicken and opened The Divining Rod Pinot Noir. It was amazing!


Next week is Halloween and we are invited to a party. I’ve already volunteered to bring The Divining Rod. It’s the perfect choice for the theme, and I’ll dress as a Witch as I always do. Whatever magic Marc Mondavi has, it shows in all three of The Diving Rod Red Wines. Do I have a favorite? No, I don’t – I favor whatever goes best with what is being served for dinner.


Over the next few weeks we will be hosting our annual Brunswick Stew Party. I’ve already ordered The Divining Rod Red’s – a lot of them- it’s a big party. We’ll stage a tasting with the three varietals then. As far as I’m concerned they are all winners in my book. There is no better way to celebrate Fall – and Halloween – than with a glass of The Divining Rod.img_9032Here is a brief description of each of the three red wines*:header-pn-v3

2014 Pinot Noir

NEW! From Willamette Valley, Oregon

Balanced, complex and pleasing

Black cherry, rose petal and a subtle earthiness – Delicious.

A delicate framework, yet very intense and polished… I want some of that!


2014 Divine Red

Lodi, CA

A ripe, juicy red blend of four Rock Star grapes

Think you smell cinnamon and black pepper? So do we

New French oak adds a little sophistication – like slipping on a pair of Chanel reading glasses


2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

 Alexander Valley

A tall, dark, drink-me-now kind of wine

Time to get your berries, cherries, and chocolate on

All the poetry of Death Cab for Cutie, but without the death part

*The descriptions and the photos are taken from The Divining Rod website: www.thediviningrod.com


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