Healing Garden – Create One in Your Backyard

Although some more than others, we are all social beings who thrive in the good company of close friends and like-minded people. The need for the gathering is the most natural urge since it keeps our relationships stronger as well as it makes us feel better. Countless studies have shown that socializing has a tremendous effect on our wellbeing while spending time with friends outdoors can only improve the overall experience. Our outdoor space should serve the purpose of bringing us closer to nature as well as to each other. Creating a unique space where everyone feels comfortable, relaxed and joyful calls for turning your backyard into a healing garden. Your private pocket of nature where life and friendships flourish.

Know Your Land

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Before you start to plant all those tropical flowers with fabulous colors, learn more about soil and native plants that grow well in your area. Organize garden to make it low maintenance as much as possible simply by choosing the right plants. Remember that working in your garden should be relaxing and therapeutic. Make this gardening project a pleasant task and a lifetime hobby.

Make it Colorful

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Colors are powerful, and they can directly affect our mood and emotions. Choose colors that will help you set the right atmosphere. For instance, if you wish to create a revitalizing and energetic mood plant annuals with bright and vivid colors like red, orange and yellow flowers. It will awake senses and invigorate the spirit. On the other hand, if you aim for more calming tones, then go for gentle colors like white and pink.

Imitate Nature

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Look for inspiration in nature and implement this majestic design in your backyard. Combine only natural materials and pair them to make a perfect private oasis. Wood and stone, flowers and shrubs, grass and boulders. Embrace curved lines and allow a slight mess in your garden to achieve that beautiful and natural look. Do not suffocate Nature with geometrical shapes since there are plenty of right angles in our urban world.

Add Sound

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Sounds can play a big part in your healing garden. Although gardens eliminate noise pollution of our everyday lives, they are full of pleasant and natural sounds that have a calming effect on our mind. Still, you can enhance the soundtrack of your healing sessions by hanging wooden or metal chimes on specific spots in your garden. For more contemplative and warm tones use wooden chimes and let gentle breeze do the rest of work.

Have a Comfortable Seating Area

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Have a gathering and spend time with your loved ones in your enchanted garden. Designate a seating area and place some comfortable garden furniture. Make it even cozier with some cushions. Stick with neutral colors and waterproof fabrics. Ensure nothing gets in the way of your afternoon pleasant conversations, be it rain or harsh sunlight. Install a pergola that will aesthetically fit your garden, so look for companies like Pioneer Shade that will allow you to customize the look and height of the structure.

Include Water

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A small water feature can completely change the look and feel in your garden. The sound of running water will make you feel energized, while still water surface will calm your whirling thoughts. Not to mention that your garden wildlife will hugely benefit from this. Even a small bird bath can be a sight for sore eyes on a hot summer day.

Remember That There is Always Room for Art

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Decorate your garden with an elegant piece of art. A small statue or beautiful and colorful ceramic pots will accentuate the beauty of nature, and it will help you reflect your taste and personality. However, keep in mind that nature is attractive enough, so keep it simple and sophisticated. Do not clutter the garden with excessive décor, but stick to one or two statement pieces instead.


Healing gardens are the perfect place for gathering and enjoying good times with your tribe. A healthy lifestyle, friendly environment and strong relationships are crucial for our wellbeing, so make the best of what you have and turn your backyard into a sanctuary where you will celebrate life and friendships.


I’m very grateful to the talented Hannah Thomas for contributing this article.  Hannah is a gardening and home décor enthusiast. Garden is the place where she feels most comfortable, that’s why there are always a lot of books and empty coffee cups on the back porch. Always learning, exploring and smiling.

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