Finding the Right Pet-Sitter for the Holidays

I’m so grateful to for contributing this article.  We’re always worried about the health and well being of our pets and this article comes at the perfect time.  Holidays are stressful, not only for us but increased demands may give us less time with our furry friends so that increases their stress.  I love this article because it gives tips to make our pets happier even if we’re not traveling for the holidays.  Pet care is an important part of my peace of mind.  This article was written by Nat Smith, community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.Holiday stress can be compounded when you have a four-legged friend to think of. Leaving town means looking for a pet-sitter at the busiest time of year; stay home, and you’re likely too overwhelmed to ensure your dog gets one walk a day, let alone three.

No one says you have to do it all on your own, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for help–or paying for it. It can seem strange to actually pay someone to keep an eye on your dog, but modern pet-sitting websites can transform hassle into hope and happiness. What could fit better with the spirit of the season?

When you’re seeking out a sitter, you’ll want to use a reputable, selective website like that screens potential sitters and runs background checks. Look for a site that offers 24/7 sitter support, insures each stay, and processes payment securely. You also want lots of options, so a site with plenty of local users is ideal. Browse through profiles–being sure to filter by availability–and look for anyone who might be a good fit for your pet.

You can read past reviews, reach out and ask questions, and schedule meet-and-greets with any candidates who seem promising. If you’re traveling, be sure that the sitter will be able to give your pet all the attention they’ll need, whether the sitter will be staying in your home or your pet goes to them.Planning a holiday extravaganza at your place? Book a dog walker to drop by daily and take your dog on a long walk. You can even hire someone to play with your cat if you don’t have time. Animals sense human stress, and they get overwhelmed too. The last thing you need is an illness or meltdown caused by holiday overwhelm!At the end of the day, you don’t need to create extra work for yourself. While animals will appreciate holiday treats and gifts, they won’t expect them, either. You should incorporate your pet into your family holiday card with festive photos. But when the guests arrive, provide a safe haven for your pet to escape to so they don’t get more love than they can handle (especially from little ones). That way, your pet can decide how much interaction they want, and stressors can stay at a minimum.

Finding the best pet-sitter is all about looking for a strong connection, and helping it grow into a tight bond. If you have an active puppy, look for a high-energy sitter who can keep up. Social animals may thrive in homes with existing pets–just be sure to do a test run to make sure everyone gets along. There’s no better expert than you when it comes to knowing your pet, which makes you more than qualified to select a temporary companion. Don’t stress about it–take a cue from your pet, and enjoy the glow of the season!Like the photos? Check out  I always try to use my own  but when I need help that’s where I turn!


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