Crab Salad with Blueberries, Mango and Avocado

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This isn’t your typical crab salad.  It’s elegant, refined and gorgeous – the colors of the avocado, mango and blueberries are striking against the white of the crab. The dressing infuses lime, ginger, and honey combining with jalapeno, cilantro, lime, creamy avocado and the sweet crab that sets the stage for the blueberry mango topping. The best thing about this salad?  I can serve it at a picnic, layered in jars or plated with the most elegant table settings.  Yes, my friends, this is the perfect salad!IMG_6773

I am so grateful to Wish Farms for the opportunity to me to devise this salad for the #BlueberryToss contest.  This contest is offered to attendees of the Food Wine Conference in Orlando to be held  May 13 – 15th.  It’s so exciting to finally meet the family that I have developed in this virtual world live and in person!

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IMG_6790Living in Maryland, crabs are king. The most popular way to serve them is steamed with old bay or in crab cakes.  I find crabmeat to be sweet, delicate and constantly search for different flavor profiles to compliment it.  My husband, Steve, was born and raised here and it’s really tough to pry that Old Bay can out of his hand.  He was skeptical until he tasted this, then he ate a plate after the photo session – and then a second. I think he liked it!IMG_6782

There are endless variations to presenting this salad. I’ve served it with the sliced avocado fanned out on the plate, into a ½ of an avocado or chop the avocado as directed and spoon it into a glass. It is stunning any way you choose to plate it.


The beauty of this salad is it can be prepared ahead of time and held in three separate containers in the refrigerator, and plate it just before serving. Make sure to coat the avocado well with the dressing to prevent discoloration before stowing it in the fridge.  If you want to prepare everything ahead of time, spoon it into a glass and refrigerate for up to three hours, then set the salads out at room temperature for at least 10 minutes before serving.

There is more to the Avocado than great taste and amazing texture.  Check out the 13 Amazing Health Benefits of Avocado from and find more recipes that feature the avocado!!!!IMG_6788




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