Memorial Day and the Chesapeake Bay

Memorial Day is such a special family holiday for me. Traditionally my father’s family would congregate in their hometown for the Memorial Day Celebration. There was a parade that would start in town and end at the Veterans Cemetery. I thought this was the best thing ever to honor this day. Now that I am an adult and the family is scattered all over the country, I still look back and cherish the memories that ingrained the importance of this special day.

Memorial Day Friends

The last weekend in May is known for many things: it is the beginning of the summer season, a time the pools open and we can wear white. As always, we look forward to celebrating this weekend with family and friends. There is a fishing expedition, picnics and more. Our wedding anniversary is May 22nd and the 25th is Steve’s Birthday so the Memorial Day weekend takes on more meaning in our family. We have so many things to celebrate and be grateful for this is weekend!


May brings Rockfish season to the Chesapeake Bay and that is near and dear to the guys in the family. Suzanne and I joined in the fun this year and we had fish to grill. I made a fish stock with the carcass and this resulted one of our favorite meals: Cioppino!

Fish stock

Making Cioppino is an easy way to feed a crowd. The appetizers, salad and dessert can be made ahead of time, and then you’re all set! This fits the outdoor theme of the Memorial Day Weekend perfectly, and it’s a perfect excuse to use the grill to assemble the stew. Yes, this meal is a bit more elaborate than the traditional picnic fare, but we have lots to celebrate so why not make an extra-special meal to honor this?!

This is a weekend to get outside, and spend time with friends. I’d love to know—what are your Memorial Day Traditions? Share in the comments below!

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