Celebrating with Friends

One of the greatest pleasures Steve & I experience is the celebration of  friends, family, etc.  One Friday afternoon we had the pleasure of celebrating two events in one evening!



Karen is one of my first Tennis friends in the area.  We played together on a USTA team years ago but have now drifted into different tennis circles.   I’m happy to say that our friendship has outlived our tennis.   Steve has become fast friends with Karen as well, giving her dating advice, helping her with projects around her home, etc.  Karen is a beautiful, smart and successful optometrist with her own practice.


A few years ago we celebrated the purchase of the home of her dreams.  Now we celebrate the acquisition of her new boat to go along with her dock!  Karen grew up with boats, inheriting the family speedboat that she traded in for the shiny new one waiting for us out back.  Her celebration is a bit bittersweet, trading in the past for the present but the new boat trumps the old one!



Mary Beth and Brian, who recently became engaged, joined us for the evening, giving us another reason to celebrate.  Of course we broke out the champagne to toast both occasions!


What a beautiful evening for a cruise.  For dinner we docked at one of our favorite establishments and had the most pleasant night on the water.

Karen treated us to a pitcher of her newest cocktail favorite, the Iced Tea.  This is a mixture of Deep Eddy Iced Tea Flavored Vodka and Lemonade, which is a very refreshing but deadly combination.  It is very deceptive on a hot day or anytime for that matter.  Please sample with care.   One was enough for the cruise home!

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