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Celebrating Easter

By | Blog, Celebrate, Holidays | 11 Comments

FacebookTwitterDiggPinterestYummlyStumbleUponemailPrintHow are you celebrating Easter? What a wonderful holiday, the pastels, the outfits, we dye Easter Eggs, stage egg hunts and it’s such fun to plan the dinner.  One of the beautiful things about blogging is that I get to document family traditions. Steve and I have a blended family so we…

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Lemon and Rosemary Roast Chicken

By | Blog, Chicken, Recipes | 9 Comments

FacebookTwitterDiggPinterestYummlyStumbleUponemailPrintWhat is more comforting than a roast chicken? We never seem to tire of it.  I find that the simpler the preparation, the more beloved it is.  Here I flattened the chicken by cutting out the back and pressing it to lie flat in the pan.  This speeds up the…

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The Dining Table is Becoming Extinct

By | Blog, Gather, Table Talk | 20 Comments

FacebookTwitterDiggPinterestYummlyStumbleUponemailPrintWhat is the dining table? It’s a piece of furniture, everyone has one.  It’s a flat surface surrounded by chairs but It’s so much more.   The dining table isn’t a static object  – it’s where we gather, where we bond, where we connect. So much of our lives are wrapped…

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