An Evening with Marcus Samuelsson and Canadian Lentils

As I was preparing to attend BlogHer15 in New York City, a very pleasant invitation popped up in my email box.  I had to pinch myself! Dinner at the famed Red Rooster Harlem/Ginny’s Supper Club along with a chance to meet Chef and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson, I’m in!  Being the shameless foodie I am, I had no intention of missing this event.


On the scheduled evening we gathered in the lobby, buzzing with anticipation.  After checking off our names we loaded into limo busses (complete with the color wheel and pole) and were whisked off to Harlem.  Our host for the evening was Amber Johnson of Canadian Lentils who graciously explained we were in for a five course meal specially prepared by Chef Marcus, featuring lentils in every course.


We arrived at the famed restaurant and promptly took over the Supper Club. The staff was fun, funky and so pleasant. They handled our numbers cheerfully and efficiently, amazing us at every turn. We started with drinks and the wine flowed.


Chef Marcus came out to introduce himself and entertain us, and then we ate. A Lot. As promised, the menu was fabulous! 


Cornbread with Lentil Funk

Followed by Rooster Wings & Oysters Fried in Lentil Flour



Gravlax topper with Greens, Clams and Mustard Vinaigrette

with Lentil Roti Chips



Duo of lentil-Dusted catfish and Braised Short Ribs

Over lentil Apple puree, fermented garlic


Apple Sorbet

Donuts filled with Sweet yellow lentil puree with whipped cream


As the evening (and the food) wore on we were serenaded by an amazing Jazz Band, had photo ops with Chef Marcus, and were given goodie bags before heading back to the hotel. What an amazing evening!


The representatives from Canadian lentils were around for the full conference, offering us refreshments of lentil hummus Friday afternoon and a cookie challenge on Saturday. Being a great fan of lentils, I’ve had them in hummus but never baked into a cookie. The challenge was to pick the cookie that included lentils. I have to say, they were both really good but the lentils made the cookie so moist!


Sadly, the BlogHer15 festivities ended on Saturday Night. I have to say my favorite sponsor of the conference was Canadian Lentils, not just for the dinner but the reps were so gracious…and their website is gorgeous. They have so many recipes! I’m inspired. Yesterday on my foray to the grocery store I spied the lentils in the bulk bins. There were two bins of French Lentils that looked the same. On closer inspection, one was an organic lentil with no origin listed; the other was Product of Canada, USA. Of course I chose Canadian! They are so beautiful. Now what should I make with them?


I would love to see your favorite lentil recipes.  Please tell all in the comments below!


  • Cynthia L says:

    Monica, first off, you have captured the evening just as it was. It was so much fun and the food was outstanding. I am so glad that I got to meet you and that we are now connected! I can’t wait to see what you are cooking with lentils. I think you should try to recreate some of the recipes we had at The Red Rooster!

  • Megan says:

    I love Lentil Ham and Barley soup in the winter! My dad has an amazing recipe that he makes. He is a fantastic soup cook. And even better, he makes homemade bread to go with it! Mmmm 🙂

  • Mike says:

    Hi, Monica.
    Sounds like a great night and a wonderful dining experience.
    My wife, who is a vegetarian, makes a wonderful lentil loaf with minced onions, rice, some diced peppers for color. She bakes it in a loaf pan.
    My experience with lentils goes back to post college days when I spent summers traveling and working. In my small camp stove, I would prepare a pot of lentils and rice cooked together. A few spices, maybe some miso paste strirred in. Nothing like the gourmet dishes you had at the Red Rooster, but a great blend of protein for the thinnest of budgets.

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