Adventures in Chicago

One of the best things about being a foodie lifestyle blogger is attending events. We are in a profession where we spend a lot of time in front of a computer, in the kitchen, staging shoots, etc. It could be a solitary profession but we avoid this by forming alliances, comparing resources and going to conferences. That’s why I was so excited to go to Chicago for last weeks BlogHerFood.



I met so many amazing and talented people at this event! It was so exciting that at the end of the three day conference I had only left the hotel twice to attend off site events. What is even more surprising, I didn’t mind a bit.


I arrived in Chicago Thursday afternoon in anticipation of the Canadian Lentil dinner, Featuring the amazing Stephanie Izard at the famed Little Goat. Her task was to include Lentils in everything then feed us until we dropped, she did an amazing job. We dined on multiple appetizers: lentil hummus, tuna poke with crispy lentils, sloppy lentil sliders, shrimp satay and more.


Just when we thought the dinner was to consist of a cocktail party appetizers, a buffet appeared with a Kale salad mixed with lentils, brussel sprouts with lentils and roasted pork shanks over lentils.



Her desserts were amazing with a tiny s’more of lentil cookies and a chocolate mousse topped with a lentil cookie. Needless to say we rolled home.


Stephanie was a master of creativity in using lentils, she gave a demo of her tips and tricks that all of us intend to go home and practice. The entire evening she chatted, posed for pictures and was the perfect hostess for the evening along with Amber and the entire Canadian Lentil team.


The dinner fortified us for a whirlwind of sessions, exhibits, sampling and more in the Hyatt. I love the energy of bloggers when they get together.


Now, what is a food blogger trip to Chicago without an excursion to Eataly? The planners of this conference were so considerate they planned a lunch excursion with transportation.


Have you ever been to Eataly? It is a crazy place designed to delight the senses. I met up with Letty of Letty’s Kitchen and we found a small corner of a table with a revolving cast of characters. We landed with a Mom & two daughters enjoying a girl’s weekend and one lives in Annapolis, what a small world.


We shared a lunch of amazing burrata cheese, bread, a pizza fritta, salad and of course a glass of wine. During our lunch the girls went on their way and another group who ordered appetizers, waiting for their seat in the pizzeria. When they moved on another group took their place. It was such fun!


The only problem with a lunch excursion to Eataly is that we never want to leave. We found an espresso and realized that we had missed the bus and were late for the afternoon sessions.



Sadly my flight was scheduled for Saturday Night and I didn’t make it to the closing party. I would have loved to experience it but obligations from home were calling.


Once at home I decided to try a lentil and kale salad, some comfort food to match the rainy weather at home. I found some sprouted lentils that cook in four minutes, roasted a sweet potato, shredded purple cabbage and a few kale leaves. Once the warm lentils were mixed with a lemon tahini dressing I let them cool and mixed in the remaining ingredients. We served this with roast chicken for dinner.


The lentil kale salad was OK and I need to work on developing that recipe but the next morning I warmed it up and slid a fried egg on top. What an amazing breakfast!  That is the way to serve this.


Sorry, there will be no recipe this week. I’m a bit behind in the development with all of the travel but I promise to work with it.  There will soon be a spectacular kale/lentil salad with an egg on top in our future.



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