As avid foodies and travelers, my husband Steve and I believe in a European approach to eating, dining and gathering. We know firsthand that cooking is about more than simply putting a meal on the table — it’s about sharing a meaningful experience with the ones you love. It’s about preparing fresh, in-season foods with the perfect blend of herbs and spices and letting shallots and garlic sizzle in a sauté pan — all while laughing and drinking a toast to the friends who share your kitchen, your meals and your life.

Monica’s Story MT_Logo_400px-wide

My passion for food started early, thanks to my grandmother Dodie. I fondly remember being perched on a stool in a way-too-big apron, watching intently as she sifted flour and carefully added ingredients without measuring a thing. These memories launched my lifelong love affair with cooking and instilled in me the importance of making sure my table stays as rich with food and love as Dodie’s was.

I’ve spent a lifetime creating meaningful gatherings for my friends and family — seeking out the best ingredients, finding the most delicious pairings of recipes and wines, and discovering the best ways to create a fabulous meal in minimal time.

Through my food-based travels in Europe, I’ve learned the importance of savoring every bite, moment and conversation — and why it’s key to building a happier, more fulfilling life. From Montepertusto, Italy to Pas du Nord, France, I’ve collected a lifetime of inspiration that I’m now dedicated to sharing with you. Through incredible recipes and helpful tips, I can help you bring the warmth and richness of European style dining right to your own home.

So pull up a chair and join me at the table, where we’ll explore the palate of life together.

Steve’s Story

While I’ve always been a food lover, it wasn’t until I met my wife and co-chef Monica that I discovered my true passion for cooking.

GrillingSet_44473e_sm_With great patience and lots of laughter, she’s taught me to do far more than just grill hamburgers and pair them with a craft-style beer. The turning point came while I was watching Julie and Julia. Their passion for food was contagious, and it gave me the courage and inspiration to attempt Bouef Bourguignon myself.


Fortunately, Monica already owned Mastering the Art of French Cooking and together, we made a wonderful dish. Next, I tried Coq au Vin and I haven’t stopped since! From French cooking competitions to my dining club, food now plays a profound role in how I live my life. Cooking with Steve demonstrates my hands-on approach to everything from elegant winter cocktail parties to memorable summer afternoons around the grill.

If you love to cook and eat, then join me in building a lifestyle filled with amazing food, friends and family.