A Simple Summer Dinner

I love having fresh produce!  After a cold spring, my garden was a off to a sluggish start but now it is amazing!  We now have sweet, fresh and plentiful tomatoes along with zucchini, eggplant and peppers. The tomatillos that volunteered are starting to burst into action.  Finally! Life is good.

I go out with my basket every morning feeling like I just won the lottery.  The stars collided to have an abundance of veggies, a break in the heat and friends to enjoy it with.  This gives me the perfect excuse to make my favorite summer soup.  This is a rift of the Tomato Bread Soup that is so popular in tuscany but is a delight to the senses.  There is so much flavor and texture in every bite, it’s always a hit!


Love is in the air with the Girlfriends!  Last month Yanira introduced us to her new boyfriend.  This month Laure has a new beau.  Of course I am so excited for them.  Steve is not so sure – he is a bit protective of his girls.


On a beautiful Sunday we gathered in the backyard.  It just seemed to fall together that day and that is when the best stuff happens. We scheduled dinner with Laure to catch up on her whirlwind romance, but it turned out Jack could join us. Yanira invited us to brunch with her and Patrick, but we had plans and asked them to dinner instead.


The menu was simple, fresh and easy. As we gathered, Steve served cocktails in the bar along with Laure’s amazing stuffed dates drizzled with truffle honey.


The first course was a different rift on Tomato Bread Soup that I never tire of in the summer. We followed this with a mixed grill of shrimp, calamari and swordfish, roasted eggplant and zucchini in a fresh tomato sauce, along with a simple salad served family style.



Yanira and Patrick brought a stunning bowl of berries they served with ice cream and caramel sauce.


It was such a lovely evening. Our dining club has evolved bringing three couples to the table.  It’s so nice to see everyone so happy.


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