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Semolina Bread

Today our friend Laure is due home from France with her son Tristan. We know she will be tired so we are making dinner for them.  This is comfort food: Roast Chicken, Potatoes and a green salad. It is a dinner I would crave if I were traveling all day. Today I’m working from home so I’m making a delinquent Tuesdays with Dorie assignment: Semolina Bread. The post was due for this on July 17th. It didn’t happen because I was preparing for a trip and couldn’t be home for the prescribed 2 hour intervals the bread requires for maintenance. Today it works perfectly into the schedule. Plus we enjoyed such wonderful bread in France, I visited with Laure and her family on my trip so I’m hopeful this will compare.

Semolina Bread 1

Semplina bread

I picked up the chicken this morning and seasoned it with salt, herbs & olive oil. It’s ready to roast and marinating in the fridge. I made the sponge for the bread at 10:00. When noon roled around I added the flour, semolima (that I brought back from Italy), water, salt & olive oil, the kneaded the dough by hand. The recipe calls for this to be done in the food processor or with a dough hook on the kitchen aid but today I felt like kneading myself. I find the process very relaxing.

Semolina bread 4

At 2:00 I shaped the dough into two loaves, the recipe calls for a single loaf so I’ve gone a bit rouge on the recipe instructions. I let the loaves rise for another two hours +/- (I had to go out for a bit), slit the tops with a razor blade (this deflated them a bit) and stuck them in the oven.

The aroma of fresh baked bread it’s the best. Steve came home, sniffed and whined that I had I baked without him. Once he sampled the bread he got over it. Steve fixed his famous sausage & peppers for our dinner and we demolished one of the loaves of bread in one sitting. Who can resist freshly baked bread?

Semolina Bread 6

Laure called to say she stopped in DC to drop Tristan off to his Dad and was home. We pulled the chicken and potatoes from the oven, gathered up her feast and delivered it to her with a warm loaf of the Semolina Bread. We’re glad to have our Girlfriend back home safe & sound.


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    What a nice homecoming! Your bread looks beautiful.

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