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I missed the TWD assignments where we made Brioche Dough, The Pecan Sticky Buns are on my radar screen but I have not caught up on that assignment.  I was so excited to make the Brioche that I almost didn’t get to the tarts.  On Saturday I started, I made the sponge, went through the risings then let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.


This was to be Sundays lunch, after my tennis match I was going to hit the grocery store and pick up the potatoes and goat cheese needed to make the filling.  I had fresh Onions from the farmers market and Asparagus was growing in the garden, we’re in good shape.  Steve went off to church on Sunday leaving me to wait and see what was going to happen with our USTA schedule, it was raining so I was sure we would not fare well.

Laure, our French Girlfriend texted and asked us to come by for a visit.  By that time my tennis was cancelled and Steve was on his way home from church.  I pulled out the Brioche Dough and it smelled so wonderful we had to share some of this with Laure.  Since I did not have my act together with the filling, I found some Pâté Steve had made and wrapped it in the dough.  I also took some extra dough for Laure, just to see what she would do with it.




We arrived at Laure’s around lunch time.  She baked our Pâté en Croûte and then pulled out a Brioche Mold for the remaining dough. Combined with a salad this was the best lunch.  It was such fun to have this simple lunch with our friend.


The rest of the day slid by and I still hadn’t made my Savory Brioche Pockets.   We were leaving for a conference in DC on Monday afternoon so that morning was crunch time.  I had fresh Onions , Asparagus, and some Gruyere Cheese.  Well, I went for it with the ingredients I had.  They turned out so well, you would have thought this was the recipe.


I made three tarts.  I ate one for lunch and loaded the remaining two in a bowl for the neighbor and left them on his doorstep.  This was a hit.  One of the best things is I still have dough in my freezer.  Should I make another Tart, or should I have another Pâté en Croûte?  Ah, decisions…..

To see the recipe please visit Carrie of Loaves and Stiches



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