Rustic Potato Bread – TWD and Easter



Dorie tells us in the introduction to the Rustic Potato Loaves that they are “easy to make and quick to rise” and I have to agree.  There is no way this recipe should have turned out for us but it made us look like Rock stars.

The TWD post is due Tuesday so I better get started on this.  I boiled the potatoes Friday afternoon and set them out to cool, saving ½ cup of the potato water. Friday afternoon Steve came home and we went to dinner in anticipation of going to Church for Good Friday.  Well, there went one evening; I don’t know when I was going to find time to make the bread.  I put the potatoes in a container and covered the liquid and slid it into the fridge.

I got up on Saturday, while waiting for Steve to wake I walked the dog and then went to a yoga class.  Maybe all of this activity was not such a great thing because in anticipation of the Children’s Easter Egg Hunt, the Luncheon next week, and the arrival of spring weather, we scheduled Saturday to be a yard workday.  We did a tremendous amount of labor and poor Steve could hardly move on Saturday evening. We had dinner and crashed.  I had taken the potatoes out of the fridge to reach room temperature in the morning but never got around to making the bread, so back in the fridge they went but the yard looks lovely for early spring doesn’t it?

yard5 yard4 yard3 Yard2 yard1

Sunday was Easter so we rose and walked the dog.  I did some prep for the Easter Egg Hunt then decided if we were going to do this assignment, now is the time.  I mixed up the dough, left it to rise and cleaned the kitchen.  Steve split the dough in half and shaped it.  We didn’t make it into torpedo rolls because we wanted to make sandwiches, so our loaves were a bit more oval than the recipe called for.



We let the loaves rise again then put them into the oven.  After a while Steve noticed the oven was turned off.  This is quite the mistake because we have to leave for the Heidler Family Brunch.  In desperation, we turned on the delay function, set the time (anticipating the bread needed to bake for 25 more minutes) and we left for a few hours.



We returned home to an amazing aroma and the family was so impressed that we baked fresh bread for our dinner later that day.



Sadly, it rained and we were missing two of our Granddaughters who had the flu and not able to make an appearance. In spite of the situation, the neighbor’s children hid the eggs and the children had a wonderful time gathering them and eating the candy.



When we sampled a loaf of bread, I think the crust baked too long (it was a bit too brown) but the bread was phenomenal, considering the circumstances.  No one was hungry after the brunch so we sent a loaf of the bread with the neighbors who were going to an Easter dinner. Then divided up the remainder with the family.


The bread was soft on the inside with a lovely crust.  We looked like heroes, but we didn’t deserve it, this bread is very forgiving and a keeper in my book!

The recipe is listed on our host’s blog:  Simply Sweet.  Visit Dawn’s site and she will supply the ingredients and instructions for the wonderful bread.

Don’t forget to visit us for the ASPCA Walk for the Animals next Sunday, Apil 7th.  CLICK HERE for details!



  1. Permalink Submitted by SandraM on Wed, 03/04/2013 - 00:24

    Your bread looks great!! And I love the lifter you’re using….that is awesome.
    We still have snow in our yard, so no yard work for us yet. Nice to see someone has flowers! :)
    This was a great recipe; very easy.

  2. Permalink Submitted by saucy gander on Wed, 03/04/2013 - 10:55

    That’s an impressive peeler, and your loaves look great, nicely browned and crusty. Thanks for sharing your Easter with us.

  3. Permalink Submitted by Inge and Gillian on Thu, 04/04/2013 - 04:19

    Lovely post with beautiful images. Your bread looks fantastic.

  4. Permalink Submitted by Teresa on Fri, 05/04/2013 - 07:45

    Great story! It’s good to know how forgiving this recipe can be. The loaves look like they turned out perfectly.

  5. Permalink Submitted by Cathleen on Sat, 06/04/2013 - 00:56

    This is a wonderful recipe isn’t it. I love your over-sized spatula! (I may have mentioned this before.) Spring is trying to make an appearance – slowly.

  6. Permalink Submitted by Margaret on Wed, 10/04/2013 - 03:42

    What a great aroma to come home to. I need to find an oven with a delay switch!! Lovely loaves.

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