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Rhubarb, is it a vegetable or a fruit?  As a young girl, my parents always had Rhubarb in the garden.  The stalks were cut into pieces and cooked with sugar until this took on the texture of a runny jam.  I always considered this a fruit, because the sweet/tart substance was either served as a dessert or for breakfast during my youth.

My parents and Grandparents adored Rhubarb.  To be honest, I didn’t really care for it until we acquired a recipe for Rhubarb Cake.  This resembled a coffee cake, was simple to make, and quickly became one of my favorites.


Now that I am all grown up I have Rhubarb in my garden.  I have found different uses for it, combining the tart stalks with strawberries for desserts or sometimes in savory dishes like Peter Berley’s Lentil and Rhubarb Curry.

It was due the Tuesday before Mother’s Day but since my Mother was coming to celebrate with me I decided to let this deadline slide a bit and fix this during her stay. This post is really late and I am using Mom as my excuse.


Mom came to the kitchen to help me make the cake.  The first thing she reminded me of was the Rhubarb Cake of my youth, one that we are still fond of.   No matter how she lobbied for our familiar recipe, I forged ahead.

I had to take a hard stance and tell her that we needed to try this recipe.  I am in a recipe club of sorts and could not let her distract me. The creme fraiche  was made before her arrival.  Another plus is that I made use of the cast iron skillet handed down from my Grandfather.



Mom sliced the Rhubarb, then added it over the carmel.  Then we mixed up the batter and poured this into the skillet.



The cake came out beautifully and we served it with ice cream.  This was declared a winner and Mom left with a copy of the recipe.  Looks like we have a new favorite.

To obtain the recipe, please visit Erin at Pastrybrush, she is our host for the recipe.


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